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Fast Facts about Trinity Falls

Trinity Falls is a community that lives in harmony with nature and each other. Each day is an adventure with trails to explore, green spaces to play, lakes to gaze upon and wildlife to enjoy. Combined with engaging amenities and a robust activity calendar, there is ample opportunity to connect with neighbors. Here, children make friends for life and families make a lifetime of memories.

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While Trinity Falls residents enjoy a McKinney address, the community is actually located in the extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the City of McKinney. Through the ETJ, the city retains oversight of land development outside of city limits, ensuring projects within the ETJ meet the city’s high standards.

Trinity Falls Texas

Award Winning Schools


Trinity Falls is zoned to the highly acclaimed McKinney ISD. Up to three on-site McKinney schools are planned for our community.

Trinity Falls Texas

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Since Trinity Falls is within a MUD, residents do not pay City of McKinney property taxes and instead receive an annual property tax bill from the MUD. Tax rates vary and typically decline over time as operating and debt service costs become shared over a larger number of homeowners. Currently, the district’s total tax rate is $1.05 over $100 assessed valuation. Residents pay additional taxes to Collin County, McKinney ISD, and Collin College.

The combined tax rate for Trinity Falls’ residents is $2.794523 per $100 of assessed valuation. The 2020 tax rate includes:

Collin County                             $0.174951

McKinney ISD                           $0.488351

Collin College                            $0.081222

McKinney MUD No. 1             $1.050000

Total Tax Rate                     $2.794523

In addition to being in McKinney’s ETJ, Trinity Falls is within a Municipal Utility District (MUD). MUDs allow developers to efficiently finance infrastructure outside city limits, which provides a number of benefits to homebuyers. The infrastructure includes services that directly benefit our community and attract new businesses to the area. Since the MUD functions as an independent and local entity, it can address community needs and make decisions that reflect the unique vision for Trinity Falls, as well as quickly and effectively respond to emergencies and outages.

The City of McKinney provides water and sewer service within Trinity Falls. Have questions? Contact the City of McKinney at (972) 547-7360.

Trinity Falls Master Association, our Home Owners Association (HOA), is managed by CCMC Community Association Management. HOA yearly assessments are $1,200 billed at $300/quarter.

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