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An outdoor Paradise

With acres of parks, multiple lakes and miles of trails, the great outdoors is literally just outside your new front door at Trinity Falls. Take in your natural surroundings with all your senses—the light show of fluttering leaves, the comfort of a soft breeze, the restorative sound of chirping birds, the sweet aroma of wild vines, and the like-no-other feel of grass under your feet. Ample green space nurtures our residents and brings out the best in nature, and human nature.

Find Your Home in Nature

Meet Paul

Paul Cozzolino is the landscape architect who designed the trail system at Trinity Falls. His goal? For you to get lost on the 5 miles of trails that meander through B.B. Owen Park. Don't misunderstand! Paul is a great designer and doesn't actually want you to lose your way, but he does want you to slow down, focus on where you are and sense the same wonderment that he feels when exploring this amazing natural treasure.

Drop a Line

B.B. Owen Park includes five, yes five, lakes---Lake Trinity, Lake Forest, Lake Freedom, Lake Serenity and Lake Discovery. Take your pick for where to cast a line, launch a canoe, skip rocks or reflect on the beauty around you.

Trinity Falls Texas

Take a Hike

There are over 20-miles of wooded trails at Trinity Falls. Daily adventure never has to take the exact same path!

Let us help you find your home in nature.